Krisprogrammen kan inte rädda Grekland

Det krisprogram eller kanske snarare de krisprogram som ska rädda Grekland och Greklands ekonomi kan helt enkelt inte göra det. Hittills har alla nedskärningar och privatiseringar som man försökt genomföra eller genomfört resulterat i absolut ingenting. Krisprogrammen fungerar eventuellt bara om folket låter sig kastas ner i armod, i fattigdom. Men den typer av åtgärder risker att kasta Grekland in i ännu värre problem, fragmentisering, kraftigt utvandring av välutbildade (har redan börjat) och i värst fall en inbördeskrigsliknande situation.  Och detta utan att problemen egentligen löses.

Det vettiga vore istället att Grekland ställde in betalningarna, nationaliserade bankerna. Därefter en genomgång av skulderna och total avskrivning av de skulder som kan betraktas som illegitima genom att de uppkommit genom spekulation, fiffel och lurendrejeri från en liten grupp rika människor och banker:

This plan cannot validly permit Greece to resolve its problems for two reasons : 1. the debt reduction is totally insufficient ; 2. the economic and social policies applied in accordance with the Troika demands will fragilize the country even more. This characterizes the odious nature of these financial agreements with Greece, any future loans in this framework and the restructuring of the previous debts.

Greece must make a choice between two options :

Throw in the towel and be again subject to the gauntlet of the Troika ;

Refuse the dictatorship of the markets and the Troika in suspending the payments and by proceeding to a debt audit so that the illegitimate part may be repudiated.

Other countries are, or soon will be, confronted with the same choice : Spain, Ireland, Italy, Portugal… This list is far from exhaustive. In any case, these same policies are applied, in differing degrees, all over the EU. These austerity plans must everywhere be refused and citizen controlled audits of public debt put int operation.

The events of 2007 – 2008 have not incited governments to imposing strict prudential rules. On the contrary, measures must be taken to prevent financial institutions, banks, insurance companies, pension and hedge funds from causing further damage. Public authorities, company directors directly, or complicity responsible for the stock market and banking Kraches must be brought to justice, it is urgent to expropriate the banks and put them to the service of the common good by nationalizing them under worker’s and citizen’s control. Not only must any form of indemnity for the shareholders be refused but they should also have there own wealth put to contribution to cover the cost of repairing the financial system. It is also necessary to repudiate the illegitimate claims that the private banks hold on public authorities. Of course a series of complementary measures must also be adopted : control the movements of capital, prohibit speculation, prohibit transactions going through tax havens, creation of taxes aimed at establishing social justice… In the European Union certain treaties, such as Maastricht and Lisbon must be repealed. It is also necessary to radically change the statutes of the ECB. Before the crisis gets to its worst it is high time to radically change direction. The CADTM supports, along with other organizations, the initiatives that have been taken in certain countries in favor of public debt audits under citizens control. The « Occupy Wall Street » movement has set a creative and emancipative ball into motion. It must be reinforced.

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