Vad säger vänstergrupper i Israel?

Ett uttalande från israeliska kommunistpartiet (CPI) och organsiationen Hadash säger bland annat så här:

The Communist Party of Israel and Hadash (the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality) condemns today’s deadly attack by the Israeli Air Force on the Gaza Strip, which resulted in the killing of over 150 Palestinians. The CPI calls on Communist and Workers parties and social movements throughout the world to mobilize against these Israeli war crimes and demands that the international community implement sanctions against Israel and indict Tzipi Livni, Ehud Barak, and other Israeli political and military leadership for these blatant war crimes, committed as part of Israel’s election process.

Kommunistpartiet har också haft möten med palestinska vänsterorganisationer:

Leading members of the Communist Party of Israel met in Ramallah with representatives of left-wing Palestinian factions, including the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and the Palestinian People’s Party. Militants from the four parties met Thursday (December 25, 2008) in Ramallah to coordinate future steps and to consider ways to strengthen the cooperation between them. The Communist Party of Israel was represented in the meeting by the secretary-general, Mohammed Nafa’h; and the chair of Hadash (The Democratic Peace and Equality Front), M.K. Mohammed Barakeh. This is the first time a meeting has been held in which representatives from all four parties were in attendance. ”The Palestinian arena is today in desperate need of a progressive, leftist dialogue of unity”, Barakeh said.

Last week, Barakeh travelled to the Jordanian capital of Amman where he met with the secretary-general of the DFLP, Nayef Hawatmeh. Leading members of the Communist Party of Israel recently stated that the talks held with Palestinian left-wing factions are a routine matter. The party has maintained contacts with these groups since the 1970s. ”The Communist Party of Israel and Hadash platforms and its fundamental stances are clear and they are expressed everywhere and at every opportunity”, a party spokesperson said. ”Ties with PLO groups have been held uninterruptedly since the 1970s, and all of the factions know the positions taken by the Communist Party of Israel as a political Jewish-Arab organisation that espouses a two-state solution with the struggle against capitalism and imperialism.”

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  • Christer Johansson

    Om vänstern vann ett Israeliskt val och myndigheterna slutade dalta med ultraortodoxa fanatiker skulle nog freden få en chans. Det samma om vänstergrupper i Palestina skulle slå av sig islamisternas tuga ok. ”Arbetare förena eder” har väl aldrig varit mer aktuellt!