Assange is extradited to Sweden

The british court which handled the matter of Julian Assange’s extradition has finally reached the verdict that he shall be turned over to Sweden for interrogation concerning the allegations of rape that have been raised against him. This means that this affair is far from over: as far as I have understood, Assange means to challenge the verdict.

If he actually went to Sweden and was heard, with the result that the evidence gathered was not enough to press charges or that the case did not turn out to have enough backing to proceed with, he would be free to go and the affair would finally be over. That the evidence is not enough to charge someone in a case of alleged rape is common, which is why such a development in this case would not be unexpected. I have also, from reading the material presented so far, a hard time seeing how they could find him guilty as charged. But, I do not work in law so perhaps I am wrong in my assessment.

Despite this, I doubt that there will be an end to the case any time soon. The judicial struggle over extradition will most likely go on for some time. Swedish authorities also have the power to end the matter quickly if they would choose to do so – they could go to the United Kingdom and hear Assange there and then decide whether or not to press charges. In such a case, the situation would also be one where the matter could be closed quickly.

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