EU-domstolen upphäver handelsavtal med Marocko

Idag upphävde EU-domstolen alla handelsavtal med Marocko som inkluderar produkter från den del av Västsahara som Marocko ockuperar:

The judgment today (paragraph 114) declares that Polisario is indeed directly and individually affected by the trade agreement between Morocco and the EU, and that there is “no doubt” regarding the ‘recevabilité’ of the demand of annulment.

”This judgment shows how clear-cut the Western Sahara case is legally. Neither Morocco nor the EU have the right to exploit the resources of Western Sahara. No state in the world recognise the baseless Moroccan claims to that land. If the EU wants to deal with the goods of Western Sahara, they need to first consult the people of the territory, not Morocco”, stated Sara Eyckmans, coordinator of Western Sahara Resource Watch (WSRW).

”This is a good day for the Saharawi people. Hopefully this will be the first step in stopping not only the overall trade, but also the unfounded EU fisheries practices which originate from the Franco era”, Eyckmans stated.

WSRW has followed the trade protocol since before it was signed. In 2012, WSRW published the report Label and Liability, going into the implication of the agreement.

The former Legal Counsel of the UN, Hans Corell, has in he past said he is ”embarrassed” of being European, in the light of the EU’s illegal agreements with Morocco. The EU has applied Corell’s statements to legitimise their actions. Some states, such as Sweden and the Netherlands, have been very clear that in their interpretation that the FTA with Morocco cannot apply to Western Sahara.

Detta eftersom EU inte kunnat säkra att västsaharierna får del av vinsten. EU-domstolen menar därmed att handelsavtalen inte respekterar västsahariernas rättigheter. Handelsavtalen bryter därmed mot internationell rätt.

– Detta är en viktig seger för västsahariernas mänskliga rättigheter. Västsaharas befolkning protesterar fredligt mot Marockos brutala ockupation och det är underbart att de äntligen får en del av sina rättigheter erkända. Speciellt eftersom det är dagen för mänskliga rättigheter idag, säger Julia Finér.

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