Thailändsk vänster om situationen i Thailand

I Asia Sentinel skriver Unpakorn Giles J följande om händelserna i Thailand:

Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok has now been closed by fascist thugs from the anti-government People’s Alliance for Democracy, which is demanding that the elected government resign. This is despite the fact that the government has the backing of the majority of the Thai population and even the majority of Bangkok citizens.

This backing has been proven by repeated elections. The PAD wants a dictatorship to replace democracy because they deem that the majority of the Thai electorate are too ignorant to deserve the right to vote.


Those who support democracy and social justice in Thailand must condemn the PAD and those advocating a dictatorship. We must be with the pro-democracy Red Shirts, while refusing to support ex-PM Thaksin, who has a record of Human Rights abuses. I hope that all those friends of Thailand abroad will support all our efforts to defend Thai democracy and to defend those of us who may face arrest in the future.

Samtidigt menar han också att militären faktiskt kan vara de som organiserar protesterna i ett försök att framkalla en situation där en militärkupp blir möjlig och dessutom kanske försvarbar inför USA. Precis som jag och Jinge tidigare skrivit så anser han också att de grupper som agerar är högerextremister och fascister.

En kortare historisk tillbakablick och ett försvar av Thailands demokrati har skrivits av Chang Noi med argumentation både mot regeringssidan, Thaksin och PAD och de senares tydliga vädjan till kungamakten.

Även en organisation, som inte är vänster, Asia Human Rights Commission, har protesterat mot protesterna i Thailand. Protester och okcupationer som neligt organsiationen vänder sig mot demokratin och inte är en del av demokratin och man karaktäriserar de som organiserar protesterna som högerextremister:

1. They spring from a far-right ideology that has for decades driven successive military-bureaucratic administrations in Thailand, which dramatic changes to political and social life of the last two decades have increasingly threatened.

2. Their coordinated attacks and actions on the pretext of self-defence and national interest are designed to cause a widespread feeling of insecurity and uncertainty and allow reactionary elite forces to push Thailand back to a 1980s model of “half-sail” semi-elected government.

3. The alliance leaders have occupied the public space and forced people throughout Thailand to either take sides for or against them, or to opt out completely, thus alienating millions of people and denying them the opportunity to have a say on the key political and social questions of their time.


Peaceful protest is not only a part of democratic process; it is integral to it. But the rallies and blockades in Bangkok of recent days, weeks and months have not been peaceful. Nor can they properly be called protests at all, as they are not merely demonstrations of a wish, but acts aimed at achieving goals at all costs. And the costs to Thailand have already been very high. They will get higher, and be felt in terms of the lives and liberties of all people in the country if they are not brought to an end. All people in Thailand have a right to oppose this ultra-conservative project for state dominance at their expense.

Det fisnn all anledning att vara mycket misstänksam mot syftet hos de som ockuperar flygplasterna i Thailand alltså. Det hela kan vara organsierat av militären, för att få möjlighet till att göra en militärkupp. De som organsierar det hela, PAD, är enligt thailändsk och västerländsk vänster att anse som fascister och högerextremister ute i odemokratiska ärenden.

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