Intervju med Gazainvånare

Tidningen Socialist Worker har intervjuat en invånare i Gaza. Intervjun är fyra dagar gammal, men publicerad igår, så en del faktauppgifter är inte längre korrekt, men annars är den mycket interssant. Eftersom vanlig media uppenbarligen inte klarar av sitt uppdrag, de tar sig inte in i Gaza för att rapportera får vi förlita oss på alternativa nyhetskällor. Små vänstertidningar, alternativa israeliska nyhetssajter osv. Norsk media är dock lite bättre än svenska media.

Den som Socialist Worker intervjuar är läraren Haidar Eid, människorättsaktivist i Gaza och han säger bland annat:

THE OBVIOUS objective that they’ve been talking about is ”destroying the infrastructure of the terrorist organizations.” But they aren’t just referring to destroying Hamas, although that is their main goal. And in any case, they know that they can’t do that, because Hamas is not only the freedom fighters. It’s a very big organization, with social welfare aspects to it, as well as other elements.

They claim that Hamas has about 15,000 fighters. And then there are about 10,000 fighters belonging to the other resistance organizations–including, for example, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which is a Marxist organization.

The Israelis want to create a new reality on the ground–to weaken Hamas as a political organization and weaken other resistance movements opposed to the Oslo Accords in order to pave the way for the return of the pro-Oslo organizations and the Palestinian Authority based in Ramallah.

Den uppfattning han ger uttryck för i det sista stycket är överenestämmande med den analys jag gjorde i ett tidigare inlägg om det korrumperade Fatah. Liksom många andra jämför han också med Israels angrepp på Libanon häromåret:

This is a repeat of what happened to the Israeli military operation in Lebanon two years ago. Remember that the Israelis started with ”shock-and-awe” bombing, like the U.S. did in Iraq, with aerial strikes against the Lebanese resistance movement, and Hezbollah in particular.

They weren’t able to accomplish anything. They weren’t able to destroy the infrastructure of Hezbollah. And when they started their ground attack, it was obvious that Hezbollah and the Lebanese resistance movement, including the Communist Party of Lebanon, were actually victorious. This is what the Winograd report [from an Israeli commission charged with investigating the Lebanon war] concluded.

What we’re witnessing right now in Gaza is similar because the people of Gaza are supporting the resistance movement. The Israelis want to punish the people for voting for an anti-Oslo organization three years ago when they voted for Hamas.


The conclusion I wanted to end with is that Israeli leaders don’t want a second Winograd report. The first report concluded that the initial aerial strikes against Lebanon actually failed. This is what is happening right now. That’s why we’ve started hearing criticisms in the mainstream Israeli press, such as Ha’aretz and Yediot Aharonot newspapers, including from pilots saying that we’re killing so many civilians.


So Israel’s ”strategy” is to kill as many civilians as possible to create a situation where civilians would rebel against Hamas and resistance movements. But like in Lebanon, this has had the opposite effect. The population supports the resistance–and not only the resistance of Hamas by the way.

Just like in Lebanon, it wasn’t only the resistance of Hezbollah, but also the Lebanese Communist Party that had support. And here, we have Hamas as one organization among 12 to 14 organizations, including the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Viadre ifrågasätter han om en tvåstatslösning längre är möjlig och det inte nu är dags att prata om en enstatslösning som enda möjliga utväg till ett fredligt Palestina:

The same complicit silence that we see right now from the Bush White House has also accompanied the drive to starve Gaza for the last two years–the shortages of food, fuel, medicine, electricity. Patients in need of dialysis and other kinds of medicine have been dying daily for the last two years.

Even a person as ignorant of Middle Eastern issues as George W. Bush must realize how cynical it is to talk about a two-state solution that has been rendered impossible by Israeli colonization of the West Bank, the looting and pillaging of Gaza, the construction of the apartheid wall, the annexation of more than 25 percent of West Bank land to the expanding Jewish settlements.

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