Unique cooperation for a humane refugee policy starts today!

– The walls around Europe are growing higher and people are deported to oppression, persecution and torture in for example Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq. Today migrants and are undocumented ruthlessly used by unscrupulous employers. Therefore, we are starting the politically independent Flyktingbloggen (Refugee blog) with more than 30 contributors, all leading activists, politicians or representatives of organization from Sweden, Norway or the EU” says Magdalena Streijffert, editor of Flyktingbloggen.

Writers on Flyktingbloggen do of course not agree on everything, but they have in common a willingness to work for the right to protection from persecution and the human rights for undocumented migrants. Space will also be given to refugees who themselves to tell why they fled and how they have been treated, and we will provide a arena for discussion for all who are interested in a humane refugee policy.

– We see how racist and xenophobic political parties have gained ground in various parts of Europe and created distorted debate for or against immigration. They can not be met with silence or by accepting their agenda, but by those who dare to fight for refugee rights. But we will not only take the discussion with racists and xenophobics, but also offer the refugee movement, the established parties and organizations an arena for discussion about how to improve refugee policies, ”says Kalle Larsson, editor of Flyktingbloggen.

The initiative started this morning at a press conference in Stockholm. Among the Norwegian  writers are refugee activist Petter Eide and Kari Helene Partapuoli leader of Antirasistisk Senter. From an EU, among others, are MEP Anna Hedh,  Eva-Britt Svensson and Rui Tavares. Swedish writers include Frida Metso, chairman of the FARR, Birger Schlaug,  former  spokesman of the MP and Jytte Guteland, president of SSU.

The page is located at flyktingbloggen.org, but it can also be accessed from flyktingbloggen.se and flyktningbloggen.no.

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