Litauiska gangsters i Sverige – Miliai

Ett av de litauiska gangsternätverk som är verksamt i Sverige är Miliai. Man sysslar bland annat med knarksmuggling, beskyddarverksamhet, stölder och rån:

The criminal activities of the Miliai group include drug smuggling and distribution, the smuggling of excise commodities, property extortion, crimes against the economy, and money laundering. The group is found in Sweden and Russia as well as in Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Italy, Belarus, and Ukraine.


Free movement of people and commodities inside the EU facilitates the shipment of illegal cargoes, and flawed external border security allows smuggling. The increasing trade in used vehicles in Lithuania has become a factor in the infrastructure for handling stolen property, with vehicles stolen in Western countries being exchanged for drugs. This has made it possible for Lithuanian OCGs to play an influential international role in heroin smuggling from the East to the West. The proceeds of crime are laundered through businesses in the financial and construction sectors.


In Sweden in 2009 and 2010, OCGs transported and handled cannabis, amphetamines, and ecstasy (MDMA); stole cars and watercraft; and seized other property. Some members of Lithuanian OCGs have settled in Sweden

Trafficking och cigarettsmuggling är ofta väsentliga delar av verksamheten för litauiska gangstergäng, så också för Miliai. Miliai är inte ett av Litauens allra största gangstergäng utan till den gruppen hör Agurkas, Beglikas och Smikiniai. Av dessa tre är det sistnämnda det enda som som ska vara aktivt i Sverige.

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