Den folkliga revolten i Grekland fortsätter

Revolten i Grekland som är mycket mer än ungdomar mot polis, mycket mer än anarkister mot polis fortsätter. Idag har det varit demonstrationer över hela Grekland, igår ockuperade man Akropolis, fackföreningskontor och i måndags en TV-station. Utdrag ur mejl jag fick i går:


Today, the building of the General Confederation of Labour in Athens was occupied by unions of precarious workers, deliveries, stage etc. who are denouncing the bureaucracy of the unions and demanding general strike for wages, stable employment, social insurance for all, reduction of working hours against unemployment. A general assembly open to all is organised for tonight at 6 p.m.

The students and pupils continue everyday actions and demonstrations, closing of roads everywhere in the country, while a part of the peasants have their own protest with tractors in the North of the country. Demonstrations by progressive citizens in many cities. Many public buildings are occupied (municipal-prefecture mainly) all over the country. More than 500 high schools occupied and more to organise occupations. In the meantime, police everywhere, repression, beatings, arrests. This is the reply of the Rambos of the Police.


For Saturday mobilisations are under preparation and the students assemblies mostly will decide about them
In Thessaloniki young people stole baby jesus from the cot of the huge crib that was placed in the central square with figures of natural size and put a television in the place of Jesus. Christmas holidays may have a totally different colour this year, and the movement will continue.

Most urgent and most important is the solidarity from Europe, tomorrow a Greek youth organisation is calling for European day of action everywhere, in support of the Greek Uprising. We wish events are organised tomorrow. Of course, we have many more days.

Sissy Vovou
Greek Social Forum

Vänstertidningar över hela världen börjar nu också fyllas med, uttalanden, analyser, vittnesmål, historia och nyheter om det grekiska upproret.

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