Polska Arbetarpartiet i EU-valskampanj

Polska Arbetarpartiet (PPP), som har sina rötter i fackföreningen Augusti-80 (Sierpien-80), är ett av de partier som ställer upp i EU-valet i en gemensam europeisk kampanj med bl.a. svenska ArbetarInitiativet och franska NPA. Augusti-80 är det som finns kvar av den radikala delen av Lech Walesas fackförening Solidaritet. För att kunna ställa upp i valet samlade PPP in 100 000 namnunderskrifter, en ganska imponerande insats:

Polish Labor Party managed to collect 100 thousand signatures and it can register its lists throughout Poland. PPP list will include trade unionists from Free Trade Union ”August 80”, chairman of Trade Union ”Stoczniowiec” from Gdynia and chairman of the Trade Union of Medical Rescue Teams. For example the first place in Warsaw on PPP list is for El?bieta Fornalczyk from ”August 80”, the leader of the first strike in the supermarket in Poland (Tesco). There are also leaders of organisations of tenants in Poznan and Lower Silesia. There are also present or former members of other left organisations like Polish Socialist Party, Young Socialists and the Reason of Polish Left.

On May 16 the PPP Electoral Convention will take place in Katowice. It will which be attended by party candidates and invited guests from abroad. – PPP election campaign will look like daily work of people who are candidates from our list, social movements activists and trade unionists, so that this activity will be enriched by elements of the election.

We want to start in these elections with the programme of real social Europe, corresponding to the broad interests of multitudes, not only workers. We want to fight for a european minimum wage, against the privatization of public services, solidarity in defense of the pension system – announced the chairman of PPP, Bogus?aw Zi?tek. – With the media totally lock applied against us, do not count on the electoral success, it appears that people have the opportunity to vote for someone who represents a different program from all other parties starting in this election. A voice on our list will be a voice of protest — he added. Meanwhile, ”Dziennik Zachodni”, the largest regional daily newspaper in Poland, named his article on Zi?tku ”Dynamite in his hands.”

Polska Arbetarpartiet är ett parti med stark förankring i den polska arbetarkalssen och bland de fattiga.

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