Mexikansk vänster om svininfluensan

Socialistiska Partiets systerorganisation i Mexico, PRT, har tagit ett kraftfullt uttalande om svininfluensan. Man kritiserar myndighetrna starkt då de inte gjort något, trots att det funnits varningstecken och trots att forskare och andra varnat för situationen kring svin- och fågeluppfödningen i Mexico:

The present epidemic of swine flu was preceded by manifold warnings from experts and inhabitants of the areas where big meat production complexes involving pigs and birds are located, particularly La Gloria, in the state of Veracruz. The government, nonetheless, turned a deaf ear, responding harshly and repressing those who dared to raise their voices in denunciation, demanding only the realisation of health checks and the application of standards of production and epidemiological monitoring on poultry and pig raising farms. But in addition, at the beginning of the epidemic, the government diminished its importance, saying that there was nothing to worry about. A day before the declaration of the health emergency it declared that only cases of stable flu would be treated and hid information that entered into contradiction with the data published by the World Health Organization, declaring a world-wide health alert, at level 3 of a pandemic. Once again, the population has been deceived and distrusts the government and its measures, but this is not gratuitous. Parallel to this, a broad network of actions and interchange has been developed around experiences that show, as happened in the earthquakes of 1985 in Mexico City of Mexico, the high degree of solidarity and commitment that this nation and its inhabitants, particularly those at the bottom, are capable of obtaining and developing. A new world breaks through, shared in common, humanist, respectful of differences and extremely creative, that confronts the world of corrupt tycoons and governors. Between those affected, in their districts, units, in the towns and in their social organizations, workers, housewives, students, health professionals who see themselves face to face with the pain and the need of patients, relatives and friends, support, comment, devise answers and explanations, and are identified. From these actions, from this experience, arises the consciousness of the necessity for change, the construction of a new health system, a different order, another Mexico, possible and already necessary, a Mexico that gives priority to the needs of the majorities, that prioritizes life over profits, that takes care of its culture, its methods of organization and favours collective initiative in the face of adversity and of a world where they confront those on top, the big employers and their government, on a day to day basis.


he first declarations by the Health Secretary, in the sense that they dealt with seasonal flu and stated that the development of the cases was not a cause for worry, slowed down the response to what was already a health emergency. In any case, the statistics presented in Mexico differed from those later presented by the World Health Organization once cases in other countries appeared, particularly in Canada and the United States, but also in the Spanish State, Great Britain and New Zealand, followed by other countries. The presence of these cases beyond the borders of Mexico motivated the declaration of a level 3 and then level 4 pandemic (an international epidemic in that in addition to cases of imported origin there is local contagion particularly in the United States and the Spanish state). Once the numbers exploded, and before the pressure of international and national public opinion, the Mexican government and the Health Secretary had to declare a health alert and a series of measures to control the dissemination of the disease. All this shows the pre-eminence of profits over human health. The big transnational and national companies producing pigs, poultry and eggs, can skip standards and regulations, risking the health and lives of the people. The denunciations and needs of those affected who demand health monitoring and prompt diagnosis of the evils that affect them are worth nothing. The health system, whether in relation to monitoring or at the veterinary and human levels, turns a blind eye to allow the respective companies to continue business. For that reason we can say that the present health crisis is an expression also of capitalist irrationality and the signal of a crisis of civilizations, showing the results of the industrialized production of pigs and poultry for food.

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