Stöd de strejkande på Hewlett-Packard i Barcelona

CGT-HPJag fick idag information från en kamrat som arbetar på Hewlett-Packard i Barcelona. De är sen en tid tillbaka inblandade i en strejk mot avsked och nedskärningar på företaget:

The HP European Works Councils (EWC) asks management to open immediate negotiations with the Spanish employee representatives to look at every alternative to avoid forced layoffs due to the planned reorganizations. Negotiations in other European countries have shown that such negotiations have successfully led the company to manage reorganizations in a socially responsible way allowing impacted employees to find new jobs. HP EWC (SC) members fully support the employee actions in Spain to obtain these negotiations.

The HP EWC members fully support the employee actions in Spain to obtain these negociations and avoid any forced layoff.

Solidarity with HP Strike at Spain, no strikebreaking! 

The Spanish trade unions called for a strike this week at HP Spain to obtain the opening of such a negotiation process.

In Spain unemployment is with 20% higher than in most other European countries. In addition:

–        There are wage cuts of about 5% affecting public service workers
–        The retirement age has increased from 65 to 67 years
–        Dismissals process has been simplified
–        Rights of employee representatives have been reduced

The HP EWC cannot understand why a highly profitable company like HP keeps on laying off colleagues who did a valuable job for years. The HP EWC requests HP to get back to negotiations to achieve fair and socially responsible solutions.

The HP EWC members asks EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) employees to support the actions of the Spanish colleagues including strike if necessary and to refuse to  take over tasks from Spain.

Inför den närmaste framtiden finns det planer på en europeisk kampdag med strejker på fler anläggningar och solidaritetsaktioner på andra ställen i Europa.

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