Generalstrejk i södra Europa

Generalstrejk i södra EuropaI flera länder i södra Europa har det idag utlysts generalstrejk. De länder det handlar om är Portugal, Spanien och Grekland. Men även i många andra länder kommer större och mindre aktioner att äga rum, Belgien, Cypern, Malta, Frankrike och Italien hör till de som nämns. Strejkerna är protester mot den hårdföra nedskärningspolitiken i många länder, en protest mot trojkan, EU, ECB och IMF:

1. The ETUC Executive Committee meeting on 17 October 2012 call for a day of action and solidarity on 14 November 2012, including strikes, demonstrations, rallies and other actions, mobilising the European trade union Movement behind ETUC policies as set down in the Social Compact for Europe.

2. They express their strong opposition to the austerity measures that are dragging Europe into economic stagnation, indeed recession, as well as the continuing dismantling of the European social model. These measures, far from reestablishing confidence, only serve to worsen imbalances and foster injustice.

3. While supporting the objective of sound accounts, the Executive Committee consider that the recession can only be stopped if budgetary constraints are loosened and imbalances eliminated, with a view to achieving sustainable economic growth, and social cohesion, and respecting the values enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

4. Fiscal consolidation had a sharper effect than originally estimated by Institutions, including the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Indeed the IMF now admits that they grossly miscalculated the impact austerity measures have on growth. This miscalculation has an unmeasurable impact on the daily life of workers and citizens the ETUC represents, and brings into question the whole basis of austerity policies advanced by the Fiscal Treaty and imposed by the Troika.

Strejken är alltså utlyst av de europeiska fackens samarbetsorganisationer. Svenska LO är en av medlemmarna, men svenska LO har förstås inga som helst intentioner att göra nånting.

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